I'm working on a game. I'll update this page from time to time with stuff about its development. You can find me on Twitter if you want to chat :)

Player Movement Prototype No. 2

See below for changes from version 1. Controls are standard WASD. Each platform has its own gravity field. I decided to add a little puzzle to this prototype :) There's a cube. There's a platform with a hole in it. The object is to push the cube into that hole as quickly as possible. Just run into it to push it around!

The current best time is 5 seconds, by RainbowD. Can you beat it?

Changes in this version:

Other stuff from development

Player Movement Prototype No. 1

Here's some shots of the in-development version of the game's procedural galaxy. The galaxy shown here is 100,000 light years across, around the same as the Milky Way. The stars are represented by squares...obviously not a final render treatment :) This first version featured stars all of one type:

Then some variety in spectral types was added, resulting in different colours.

A view from inside the galaxy, looking out towards one of the arms:

The same view, but taking into account apparent magnitude of the stars and more natural human-level of sight: