If you want used games to work on PS4 as they do on PS3, send this letter to PlayStation!

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Dear PlayStation,

c.c. Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom et al.

You might be wondering what the above hashtags really mean.

Simply put, they are requesting you to keep things on PS4 as they are on PS3, when it comes to physical disc rights and second hand discs.

Microsoft has ignited a firestorm in announcing a strategy for Xbox One that would see consumers unable to lend a disc to friends, unable to privately sell or swap a disc, and only able to trade discs at pre-approved retail.

We believe this is a big mistake, and we’d like you not to share in it.

Many arguments are made against second hand games, and we respect the concern publishers often have about lost revenue. However, we would offer some points to consider:

  1. A second hand game player is not necessarily a lost new game sale. You recognise this concept yourself in the PS+ service - allow people to play something without paying full price, and many more will play, experience and talk about a game - and purchase DLC or future iterations. However they would not all have necessarily bought the original game new - not by a big margin.

  2. There is 15+ years of precedent in how physical discs should behave across multiple PlayStation platforms. Please bear in mind the very strong consumer psychology of loss aversion.

  3. Applying digital rules to physical discs after the fact won’t work. You may be thinking ‘well, you can’t buy second hand on Steam or iOS, and they do fine!’ - but the expectations of digital and physical are completely different.

  4. Gamers who buy used represent an opportunity for you. They are the perfect target for new models like PS+, F2P, Gaikai streaming, microtransactions etc. Use new digital models as a carrot to monetise players with limited disposable income. Don’t use sticks.

  5. If physical distribution is entering its twilight years, let it fade gracefully, and let consumers gravitate toward digital models voluntarily and naturally. Don’t change the physical ecosystem at this late point in the game.

  6. Game retail will love you. They represent a massive touchpoint for gamers who’ll be trying to choose between two next-generation consoles this holiday.

  7. Consoles have more competition now than ever before. This is not the time to rock the boat against consumer control of discs. There are many of us who only buy new games and never resell, and we worry about the effect of policies like this on the popularity of console gaming, and thus its longer term viability.

  8. Microsoft has stumbled on this issue. This is a huge public relations and strategic opportunity for you to win the hearts and minds of gamers confused and alienated by Microsoft’s approach. Win those customers by leaving physical discs alone, and monetise them in innovative and progressive ways like PS+.

Thanks for listening!

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NEW: Tweet it to EA / Activision / Ubisoft / Capcom too!

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